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Basic items include Crafting Surfaces, Storage devices, and other very basic items such as Lumber, Torches, Leather, Platforms, Catalysts, and Paper. To add an item, fill out the Add New Item form.

Crafting Surfaces - Crafting Surfaces can be found under the 'Basics' menu in game. Crafting Surfaces are used to craft items or research recipes.
Storage - Thus far, there are x Storage devices available other than the character inventory. Smallest available storage device is a Bucket and the largest is a Large Gold Chest. You can place a chest on just about any flat surface with enough space.
Essentials - Essentials are crafted items that are the very fundamentals of most items in game other than mob drops. Essential items require no more than 2 or 3 items to craft.
Outfits - Outfits are items used on Mannequins to summon NPC's.

Crafting Surfaces

Name Type Descrip.
Anvil.png Anvil Basics Weathered and beaten. Perfect for shaping metal.
Try not to drop it on people's heads.
Carpenter Tools.png Carpenter Tools Basics Essential tools for any carpenter.
Furnace.png Furnace Basics The primary use of a Furnace is for smelting ore, glass, and gems.
Imbuing Chamber.png Imbuing Chamber Basics Capable of reinforcing some materials by concentrating the energy of Remna.
Ingot Mould.png Ingot Mould Basics
Research Desk.png Research Desk Basics
Smithing Tools.png Smithing Tools Basics
Tanning Rack.png Tanning Rack Basics Used for making leather
Workstation.png Workstation Basics A simple workplace made for the common craftsman


Name Type Descrip.
Bag.png Bag Basics Equippable in Inventory

A simple leather bag often seen on the backs of travelers.

Bucket.png Bucket Basics
Large Gold Chest.png Large Gold Chest Basics 4x5 Inventory
Large Silver Chest.png Large Silver Chest Basics 4x5 Inventory
Pack.png Pack Basics Equippable in Inventory

A large leather bag crafted for maximum efficiency.

Pouch.png Pouch Basics
Satchel.png Satchel Basics Equippable in Inventory

A bag carried at the side fitted to carry various items.

Small Gold Chest.png Small Gold Chest Basics 2x5 Inventory
Small Silver Chest.png Small Silver Chest Basics 2x5 Inventory
Wooden Box.png Wooden Box Basics 5 Slots of Inventory


Name Type Descrip.
Catalyst.png Catalyst Basics
Cloth.png Cloth Basics
Empty Bottle.png Empty Bottle Basics
Leather.png Leather Basics A tough and flexible material
Lumber.png Lumber Basics Super woody!
File:Lumber/en.png Lumber/en Basics Super woody!
File:Lumber/ru.png Lumber/ru Basics Супер древесные!
Paper.png Paper Basics Smooth and thin enough for writing
Platform.png Platform Basics Provides a stable surface.
Sticky Glow Ball.png Sticky Glow Ball Basics
Torch.png Torch Basics Peasants use these crude torches to light their way.
Whetstone.png Whetstone Basics The combination of several minerals made for sharpening blades.


Name Type Descrip.
Cartographer Outfit.png Cartographer Outfit Basics Placeable on Mannequins
Grafter Outfit.png Grafter Outfit Basics
Healer Outfit.png Healer Outfit Basics
Merchant Outfit.png Merchant Outfit Basics
Researcher Outfit.png Researcher Outfit Basics
Scavenger Outfit.png Scavenger Outfit Basics

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